Help Maintain Telomere Length*
Protect DNA and Chromosomes*
Benefit Healthy Lifespan*
Fights Premature Cellular Aging*

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TeloVite is a high potency, broad spectrum vitamin/mineral supplement, but here’s the major difference: TeloVite features 14 ingredients that have been shown in clinical studies to help extend and protect your Telomeres – those parts of your cells’ DNA responsible for your lifespan.*

TeloVite may help extend the life of your cells’ DNA, which in turn may promote a healthy lifespan. The health of your DNA is a major factor in determining your lifespan.*

The “next frontier” of longevity science has arrived, and it’s based on Noble Prize winning research that can potentially rewind the cellular clock in your cells.*

Telovite Benefits:

  • Help Maintain Telomere Length!*
  • Protection against premature cellular aging*
  • Helps protect DNA and chromosomes.*
  • Prevent chromosome ends from fraying*

Telovite Facts:


Telomeres are protective DNA caps on ends of our chromosomes. They have been analogized to the tips on shoelaces, and just like the shoelace that becomes frayed and unusable as its tip breaks down, the chromosome stops transmitting genetic information and ceases to divide and replicate.*  

In 2009, Elizabeth Blackburn and two colleagues were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology, for their discovery of the telomerase enzyme, which is our body’s mechanism for building telomeres. Telomerase is sometimes called the “Fountain of Youth” enzyme.*


Telomere research has been going on for decades.  In recent years there’s been increasing scientific interest in how dietary supplements impact telomere length. Telovite contains every vitamin and antioxidant shown in good clinical studies to activate the telomere building telomerase enzyme. The scientific studies supporting TeloVite aren’t just some small cell chemistry studies. There are excellent human studies showing how certain natural ingredients lengthen and protect telomeres in the human body.*. 

TeloVite is a full spectrum multivitamin/mineral with telomere lengthening nutrients and antioxidants all shown to promote longer telomeres by activating telomerase, that longevity enzyme. You can start benefiting right now, from powerful telomere support and help to nutritionally improve the aging process.*

Time Magazine said it best in February 2010, “Scientists Get Closer to Understanding Why We Age.” That was an article about telomeres.*

Youthful telomeres are very likely the key to promoting cardiovascular, blood sugar, and cellular health; these are all areas impacted by aging.  Every part of your body is affected by shorter telomeres. It gets so much harder for your heart, brain, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, all your organs, to do their job as your telomeres get shorter. Also, your telomeres affect the health and appearance of your skin and longer telomeres are crucial for you to be energetic, strong, and vibrant.*

Taken in its entirety, TeloVite, the first Cellular Longevity Multi, offers you unprecedented health advantages to promote overall optimal health and longevity, with ingredients backed by 312 peer-reviewed scientific studies!*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.


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