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Zombie Cell Detox

As you age…the cells in your body weaken and stop functioning in a healthy way, but they don’t completely die.  Instead they change their form to senescent cells, which scientists are calling “zombie cells”.*

These toxic zombified cells not only damage cells next to them but also send out toxic signals creating havoc throughout your body and igniting “inflammaging” along with inflammation is involved with virtually all your health challenges.*

Now there is a natural supplement researched at the Mayo Clinic on Aging and Scripps Institute discovered to have a unique ability to remove senescent zombie cells. This supplement is called Fisetin (figh-sa-tin) and Zombie Cell Detox features pharmaceutical grade Fisetin.*

Removing zombie cells is the most important advance in nutritional science and supplementation, and it will help make all of your other supplements more effective!*

Zombie Cell Detox Benefits:

  • Promotes Removal of Senescent Cells!*
  • Boosts Healthy Inflamm-Aging*
  • Benefit Healthy LifeSpan*
  • Improve Effectiveness of other Supplements*

Zombie Cell Detox Facts:

What Are Senescent / Zombie Cells?

When your cell protecting telomeres lose their power to replicate your cells…they don’t completely die…they devolve into Senescent Cells transforming to what many in the scientific community also call…Zombie Cells.*

These zombie molecules invade throughout your body during the aging process. They get their nickname from the fact that although they have changed their form…they are not dead…and cause healthy cells around them to become senescent or zombiefied a state where they no longer grow yet are still alive and do not undergo cell death.*

When zombie cells send out chemical signals contaminating your healthy cells…it wreaks havoc throughout your body. Unfortunately, as you age, your immune system weakens and can no longer clear out these toxic cells.*

This is a very insidious biochemical process and starts a downward spiral of increasingly poor tissue and organ repair…and because your aging immune system fails to clear these cells…these toxic zombie cells begin to accumulate and directly contribute to body-wide inflammation…involved with so many concerning health issues.*

What Is Fisetin?

Pharmaceutical companies are spending 100’s of millions on “Sen-o-lytic” Drugs to slow or reverse age-associated diseases by killing senescent cells. By doing so, these futuristic longevity scientists believe…in time…they’ll be able to actually cure many compromising health challenges.*

It will take years for these drugs to be available, but very fortunately we now have a natural bioflavonoid called Fisetin (figh-sa-tin) that’s been shown to be about as effective in removing senescent zombie cells as a chemotherapy drug, Da-sa-ti-nib, the researchers are currently using.  But, who wants to take a drug like that with all sorts of potential side effects when you can now protect your body naturally?*

More Exciting Studies in the News!

In studies conducted using mice the researchers found that getting rid of only 30% of senescent cells is enough to have a major impact on health and longevity.  Amazingly, Fisetin, the natural bioflavonoid, removes 25 to 50% of senescent cells, depending on the organ.*

Most impressively, mice fed Fisetin late in life lived 10-15% longer than the mice that didn’t get the Fisetin. This represents a 50% increase in their remaining lifespan. Fisetin continued to work over time not losing its potency. Plus, additional research showed that Fisetin cleared zombie cells in both mice and human tissue.*

In 2017…the prestigious Salk Institute published a study on how Fisetin had a remarkable impact on brain function.*

Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute actually tested 10 natural flavonoids, including Resveratrol, EGCG from green tea, Curcumin, Quercitin, and others not commonly know but well researched, (i.e., apigenin & luteolin), and Fisetin was found to be the most potent senolytic, meaning it was more effective in selectively killing senescent cells and potentially impacting age-related conditions.*

Zombie Cell Detox capsule features 100 milligrams of pure Fisetin, roughly equal to the Fisten in a pound and a half strawberries.  A single capsule can help eliminate many senescent cells that have been speeding up the aging process.*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.


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